This will be updated regularly with more detail as cast members get introduced. It’ll be kept intentionally thin until then to avoid spoilers.



  • Matthias, a warrior from the north-west of England
  • Rebeccitha, a woman in his care, delivered to him by the Augments
  • Llew, the leader of the Hunt Pack, a group of warriors charged with defending The Caer of the Lakes
  • Phileas, an Exiled/Banished man, convicted of a raft of crimes
  • Caynwyn, Matthias’ sister and a healer, as well as one of the few people to have lived in The City under the River, as part of an exchange

Caer of the Lakes

  • Gawain, Matthias’ and Caynwyn’s father and current leader and Duke of the Caer
  • Angharad, Matthias’ and Caynwyn’s mother and wife of Gawain

Hunt Pack

  • Jonathan, leader of the Hunt Pack
  • Gareth, Jonathan’s second in command
  • Lauren, a healer, taught by the Underdwellers at the same time as Caynwyn


  • David, current leader of The City Under the River, and Britain’s representative on the Council of Cities
  • Sarah, David’s wife, mother to Michael
  • Michael, David’s son and the heir apparent to the leadership


  • Cassandra, the Augment who gave Rebeccitha to Matthias
  • April, current leader of the Nine Tribes
  • Lysander, Cassandra’s one-time lover and Darkest Shadow

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