Nonpachyderm follows the story of a band of five unlikely travelers, pulled together by circumstance.

  • Matthias, a warrior from the north-west of England
  • Rebeccitha, a woman in his care, delivered to him by the Augments
  • Llew, the leader of the Hunt Pack, a group of warriors charged with defending The Caer of the Lakes
  • Phileas, an Exiled/Banished man, convicted of a raft of crimes
  • Caynwyn, Matthias’ sister and a healer, as well as one of the few people to have lived in The City under the River, as part of an exchange

Upon being banished under his father’s laws, Matthias leaves with the Rebeccitha, Llew and Caynwyn, to find Rebeccitha’s origins, and understand who she is. Shenanigans ensue.

The Setting

Nonpachyderm is set mostly around Britain. The Caer of the Lakes is on one of the islands in Windermere, in the Lake District. The River Under the City is based in and around subterranean London. The Westermountains are the Brecon Beacons, Caer Myrddin is a corruption of Carmarthen back to it’s natural name. The Isles of Beauty are the Scilly Isles.

This is in no way a good reflection of any of these places, due to the tone of the narrative, and the imagining of 200-250 years worth of time passing. Go there and see them for yourself.

The Schedule

Nonpachyderm is updated around twice a week. Until a posting schedule becomes clear, assume it’ll update Thursday and Sunday.


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